Call it a “lesson in giving…”
The Bradford West Gwillimbury & District Community Foundation is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that has one goal: to build a foundation, through donations, gifts and bequests, that will provide a sustainable source of grants to the community – to charities, sports groups, school projects, and other activities in BWG.
Now it’s planning to reach out to schools, in both the Public and Catholic School system, and ask the kids: Who would you give $1000?
The idea is that over the course of a month, school kids will be asked to vote online, at www .bwgdcf.ca – choosing a favourite deserving charity or organization from the list provided by the Foundation, or suggesting a charity not on the list.
The Helping Hand Food Bank. The Community Meal. Community Gardens. The Hub youth centre. Sports groups. Arts groups. The Wishing Well animal sanctuary. Southlake Regional Health Centre. Anywhere that the money could be used to build a better, more vibrant community.
“Instead of us thinking who we should give the money to, we get the schools involved,” says Hernan Burgos. “The idea is to get the children talking to their parents about this. It’s a lesson in giving.”
It’s also a competition. Not only will the kids select which not-for-profit gets the $1000, the school that has the highest percentage turnout in its voting will receive $500 for their own projects.
Right now, the Community Foundation is contacting the School Boards for permission to bring the “lesson in giving” to the schools. Click Here to Vote